Cye, Donna & Gerry Silver Spring, MD 2006
Rich Wood & Janice Gerde Gaithersburg, MD 2006
Madison & Lisa Martinez Thornton, CO 2006
I left on December 30th, 2005 on a trek that would encompass 7,100 miles and 9 states in 7 weeks.   Cities of note along the way were Wilmont, MN--Omaha, NE--Edmond, OK--Springtown, TX--Dallas, TX--Willis, TX--Texas City, TX--Galveston, TX--Sequin, TX--El Paso, TX--Midland, TX--Albuquerque, NM--Truth or Consequences, NM--Tucson, AZ--Apache Junction, AZ--Castle Rock, CO--Littleton, CO--Thornton, CO--Erie, CO--Longmont, CO--Nebraska City, NE.    Picked up 620 coins, 7 rings, 1 earring, 3 pendants, 1 foreign coin and other odds and ends.   Click on  my new website:   www.dirtfisherman.com    for pictures of some of the finds.   I took ferry from Galveston to Bolivar Island to do some detecting at Crystal Beach.   Visited the Alamo for first time in 43 years and saw some of the River Walk in San Antonio.   Visited the Petroleum Museum and another museum that had vintage WW II  aircraft in Midland, TX.   Took a tour of the ASARCO Copper Mine south of Tucson and also went to Old Tucson and the  Sonora-Tucson Desert Museum.      Below are some of the people and places I visited.    CLICK ONCE on the pictures to ENLARGE THEM.
Tami & Butch / Tucson 2006
Tami & Mark Schmisek - Tucson
Colleen Vergin & Butch - Apache Junction, AZ
Floyd & Bobbi Condron, Steve, Jenna, Dawn Peters / Littleton, CO
Darby Sparkman - Frankie Cardinale 2005
Marley, Torey & Shelby Sparkman - Carley Cardinale - 2005
Becky & Bob Pitcher / El Paso, TX
There REALLY is a TRUTH or CONSEQUENCES in New Mexico
Cousin Neala Bacon /Aunt Hazel(98) /Tucson, AZ
Cousin Paula Aven - Dallas, TX
Jordan Pennington / Erie, Colorado
Diane Rabenberg - Wilmont, MN
Strawberry School - Oldest Standing School at Strawberry, Arizona
Oldest Arizona school
The Gunter's - Green Valley, AZ 2006
The ALAMO - San Antonio, TX 2006
Tire from ore hauler at ASARCO copper mines south of Tucson, AZ
Little Brown Church in the Vale - Nashua, IA 2005