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There are 5 pages on this website.  

The HOME PAGE will be an intro to other pages and will have pictures and info on immediate family.

Page 2  Will be  PEOPLE & PLACES and will include Places I have been to and People I have visited recently.

Page 3 Will be genealogy news/notes/pictures on my Dad's (Bertram Gerde) family.    The Gjerde/Gerde/Svensson/Swanson  families.

Page 4 Remains GOD's PAGE for now.  Mostly pictures of local and other churches I have attended or visited.

Page 5 Will be genealogy news/notes/pictures on my Mother's (Mabel Louise Marks) side of family.   Marx/Marks/Christopherson families.

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Taken at Longmont, Colorado June 2005
Butch's Family  News, Notes & Photos
Memorial Day 2006 at Sacred Heart, Minnesota
Memorial Day 2006, Sacred Heart, Minnesota
Harrison & Leigh-Ann Stewart 2005 Cumming, Georgia
Bonna Aven & Leigh-Ann Stewart 2005
Butch, Harrison, Leigh-Ann 2005 Cumming, Georgia
Marley, Leah, Darby Sparkman, Carley Cardinale taken at New London, MN 2005
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Grandson Austin Langley Erie, CO 2003
Jonathan,Jasmine(front), Jordan(back), Austin - Sept 2003
1st Tulips - April 18, 2005
Renville, Minnesota - Jan. 22, 2005
Winter Home on the Hill - Jan. 2005 Renville, MN
Step-daughters Becky & Laurie October 2003
Neala Bacon & Hazel Yde, Feb 2006/Tucson, AZ
Summer Home on the Hill - 2003/2004
Granddaughter Jordan (4 1/2) Feb. 2006
Granddaughter Jasmine with Uncle Matt Oct. 2003
Canna lily - Summer 2004
Stepson Matt Boshell/ Butch 2003
Granddaughters Madison 6 mo. & Jordan 4 yrs June 2005 Erie, Colorado
Wedding Day Sept 20, 2003 Becky & Ken
Lisa - Colorado - 2005